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In Search of the Indo-Europeans Language, Archaeology, and Myth
 Second hand book, in very good condition.  IN SEARCH OF THE INDO-EUROPEANS is essential reading for those interested in the people who spoke the ancestor of most tongues of Europe and western Asia. W
Journeys in Persia and Kurdistan
Second hand book, in good condition with slightly tired cover.  Isabella Bishop (née Bird) published her Journeys in Persia and Kurdistan in 1891, compiled from a series of letters home. Recommended an ope
The Fifty Years War Israel and The Arabs
Second hand book, in very good condition.  Since the creation of the state of Israel in 1948, the region has been the scene of fierce power struggles, of injustice and tragic events. Now, for the firs
Second hand book, in very good condition.Fury is a gloss on fin-de-siècle angst from the master of the quintuple entendre. Salman Rushdie hauls his hero, Malik Solanka, from Bombay to London to New York, and fi
Blackwell Readers in SociologyPopular Culture Production and Consumption
Second hand book, in very good condition. "In putting together a reader on Hustler, football hooligans, hip-hop, soap operas, and Dolly Parton, Harrington and Bielby demonstrate excellent taste. If you fin